Comprehensive and global service

A wide range of services and functions to automate issue, receipt and document recording processess.

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The best business community

You will be connected with hundreds of thousands of active companies using our services throughout the world.


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International connectivity

We provide connection capabilities in any environment. You will be able to interchange data worldwide both quickly and securely.


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Community Management

We provide an informative environment that enables training, collaboration and support for the electronic transition of your clients, suppliers etc. Essential to the success of your projects.


Pioneers and specialists

You benefit from a team with over 30 years’ experience, with the knowledge and capacity to provide advice and help you to implement all the phases of this type of project.


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Help and suport service

Extensive coverage in various languages with a team that will provide you with a professional and responsive service, rapid communication and project transition within your company.




Enables process automation

We have a wide range of functionalities to electronically transform supervision tasks and invoicing processes.


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Adaptation to legal requirements

Get the necessary approvals to comply with the requirements of each subsidiary concerned and in the countries in which we provide a global solution. 

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International Capacity

From our offices in Europe and America, with a comprehensive network of partners and distributors, we can provide worldwide project coverage.

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Synchronised with your management programmes

Non-intrusive, automatic and secure communication with your internal Information Systems (ERP, programmes, workflows, document manager, etc.).


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Ensure connectivity with your business – Connection

You will have a wide variety of emission and receipt channels, turning technological complexity into something that is easy to cover, adapted to each sector and client.



Advanced document management

This allows you to have a solution for a wide variety of international formats, for different sectors and countries, as well as communication channels and methods using electronic signature profiles.

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Comprehensive and global service to incorporate electronic invoicing into your business

This includes an on-line 24/7 service to manage (create, search, download, print, etc.) your invoices. Join one of the largest invoice interchange communities in the world. 

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for supplier/client management

This allows you to cover all necessary information for efficient management of the supply chain via electronic data prior to invoicing (orders, packing lists, product catalogues, etc.), and reduce the amount of related processing incidents.


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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for logistics

Manage the information interchange with your logistics operators, freight companies, warehouses etc., using specific electronic documents (shipping advice, inventory reports, etc.).

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e-Record - Electronic Custody

This allows you to electronically store documents that circulate around your business, as well as interchanging them with your business partners (suppliers, clients, etc.).


Digitalisation of documents - OCR/ICR Scanning

Electronically manage paper documents without your suppliers having to carry out changes or adaptations.


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Electronic accounting

A control panel that will allow you to carry out online consultations and real management of system compliance in relation to Tax Authorities.


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Supply Chain Finance - The future of the supply chain

Reduce your accounts payable costs and improve your payment period, while strengthening your supply chain.

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Early issuing of your e-invoice - Increase your liquidity

Improve your cash flow with early payments of electronic invoices. Quick, simple and with no obligations. And without using up your bank credit limit.

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Track2pay- Automation of accounts payable

Notably reduce your costs and average payment period through the automation of accounts payable processes. Monitor your invoice from issue through to payment, and minimise any excuses for delayed payment.


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Veripost - Certified Electronic Correspondence

This is a service (SaaS) that offers organisations a secure certified electronic message and documents communication environment.


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Contralia - Online signature of contractual documents

The best ally to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). This provides you with a controlled online environment for the sending and management of online documents and recipient acceptance.


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Blockchain - Interchange of documents in franchises

The protocol that provides higher levels of trust and transparency in relationships between companies. Avoid discrepancies in relation to corporate systems.


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